I wish I was in the land of cotton

road trips there are not forgotten
look away! look away! look away, dixie land

In dixie land where i did travel
on through memphis, on through nashville
look away! look away! look away, dixie land

I’m driving down i-40
hooray! hooray!
through giant clouds

and buffet crowds

i’ll make my way through dixie
my way, my way, my way on the i-40!

[Intermission while I go to Lexington, KY; then we’re back on the road in Knoxville, TN]

I wish i were on the highway 40
hills and winding roads before me
drive away! drive away! driving through dixie land

O'er the rocky crags of appalachia
green trees! blue skies! pavement! don'tcha
wanna drive? wanna drive? drive on through dixie land

i’m driving down the 40
hooray! hooray!
and while i roam
i’ll tow my home

along on highway 40
away! away! away down the i-40!