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(For those who don’t get the title.)

The neon-lit street of Nashville seems to be Broadway.

Broadway is the home of Jack’s Bar-b-que. The sign has flying pigs. Why wouldn’t I go there?

In the spirit of being adventurous, I got the ribs and the pork shoulder. And some sausage, for good measure.

The verdict? The sausage was a kielbasa. The ribs were good, but not beating out Pig on Beale. The pork shoulder, on the other hand, was made exactly how I like it: nice and smoky, perfectly tender, little bits of burnt parts and crust throughout.

This made sense to me: the shoulder and ribs were labeled as “Tennessee pork shoulder” and “Tennessee ribs,” while the sausage was “Texas sausage.”

They also have three different sauces, labeled “Tennessee,” “Texas,” and “Kansas City.” I liked Texas best, even on the Tennessee meats. Is that sacrilege?